About D.KOS

Dee @ D.KOS has developed and created a new food and eating culture. Dee’s unique style is a sensory experience. Focusing on and tantalizing all the senses by creating art on the table. Dee’s out of the box ideas aim to create a unique culinary experience for all to enjoy. Dee has a passion for food and beautiful things and is always on the lookout for the best farm fresh produce both free range and organic. She is dedicated to supporting local producers and nurturing artisanal and sustainable methods. Her experience as a professional contemporary dancer in the past has given her the artistic and theatrical flair that adds to her unique style. Dee loves to create fabulous food from simple and fresh to flamboyant and decadent, using only the best and freshest ingredients.

Food on a plate is no longer enough, we need a little bit of excitement and passion!

Dee’s is also a successful food blogger who calls herself the Intrepid Chef, writing gorgeous recipes for online magazines, More Than Food and SA Homeowner.
Check out Dee’s food blog www.intrepidchef.wordpress.com